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PPFR GA 2012

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General Assembly of the French Pirate Party

The international Team will be glad to welcome you and help you during your stay in France. To do this, please contact gaby-luke[at]hotmail[dot]com.

Date and location

The GA will take place at Sunday, 21 October from 8:30 to 18:00.

At the EFCB - International Med Centre -

Picasso Room

23/25 rue Emile Zola,

93100 Montreuil




  • Foyer for reception and a terreca / smoking area
  • Video projector /screen
  • WiFi


Public Transport

(planner: http://www.ratp.fr/itineraires/en/ratp/recherche-avancee )

  • Metro line 9, "Robespierre" or "Porte de Montreuil" (then walk direction Marie de Montreuil)
  • The nearest train station : Gare de Lyon
  • Local Train: RER A http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RER, change at "Nation" for Metro line 9.

By car

East ringroad (Périphérique Est), exit at "porte de Montreuil", after 300 meters you will find the EFCB building.

    • Parking on site: 100 places
    • Parking nearby: 500 places

Practical Information

Pirates Car Pooling


(Free) Car pooling sites


Youth hostel

Le d’Artagnan (FUAJ menbership card necessary)

80 rue Vitruve

75020 Paris

Couch surfing

Useful phrases:

    • De combien de place avez-vous besoin = How many places do you need?
    • Avez-vous déjà un ou des pirates hébergeurs en tête? = Do you have one or more pirate accommodations in mind?
    • Pour quelle nuit souhaiteriez-vous être hébergé? = For what night do you need to be hosted?
    • Vendredi = Friday
    • Samedi = Saturday
    • Dimanche = Sunday
    • Remarques = Remarks

Remember to mention your nationality in the "Remarks" :)


The local section 'Ile de France' organizes a IRL meeting Saturday, October 20 (the day before the General Assembly). A survey is organized to determine the availability of the pirates. You can find it at: http://idf.partipirate.org/sondage/studs.php You can get more information about this meeting on the site of the local section 'Ile de France': https://idf.partipirate.org/



previsionnal version, please visit the official page for the latest version [1].

8:30 - Registration and Welcoming

9:00 - Opening General Assemblee

  • Adoption of the procedures rules
  • Election chairperson and moderators
  • Resolutions related to the Pirate Party's activities
    • Moral report
    • Joint Chairperson's report
  • Financial Rapport
    • Presentation of the book-keeping january to december 2011
    • Ratification of the mandates of CK (october 2011-october 2012)
    • Presentation of the partial book-keeping for the budget year 2012
    • Next year's Budget (2013)
  • Ratification of the Pragues Declaration
  • Orientations 2012, elaborated by the members during previous trimester.
  • Membership fees 2012-2013
  • CODEC report
  • Validation of the actual statutes and Rules of Procedures
    • Presentation of the consolidation of the statutes from the preceeding Extraordinairy General Assembly to the members for validation (advisory voting)
    • Presentation of the Rules of Procedure (RI) completed by the councils for validation (advisory voting)
  • Any other motions possibly requested by members

Lunch Break

  • Statutes and Rules of Procedure
    • Voting on statutory amendments and the Rules of Procedure proposed by members
  • Internal elections (as of 4:00 PM)
    • CAP, Administrative and Policy Board (9 seats)
    • CN, National Committee (11 seats)
    • Other elective positions created by the new constitution

Pause (vote counting)

  • The Program: voting on the program amendments

The rapports presented at the GA give rise to a vote of acceptance conform statutes §20.1 ; the financial reports to budget and discharge, conform statutes §20.1. The voting gives room to exchanges concerning the different points of view of the presented resolutions to the voters present. Unfortunately these exchanges are not possible for the members who vote by correspondance.

Members consultation

Statutory amendments are voted on at the General Assembly Resolutions and amendments may be introduced by the community. Members who want to propose amendments to the Statutes will have to do it well in advance and use the channels provided for this purpose. The National Committee is in charge of putting procedures in place to make use of the collaborative proposals.(to refer to http://forum.partipirate.org/com/reunion-2012-t8389.html ). Consultation on the reunion: <[2]>, <http://forum.partipirate.org/post56028.html#p56028>, <http://forum.partipirate.org/projets/deroulement-prochaine-elections-internes-t8162.html#p69125>, Kick-off.

Last GA report

The last GA's report (2011) https://cap.partipirate.org/pubarch/2011-10-16-ag/03-annexes_1_a_8.pdf